A History of one Chair

Someone threw it, probably willing to buy a new metal chair instead of this old one. But I know what to do. I am experienced in such things and it is going to be the third chair, saved by me. I will take it from the rubbish and give to it a new life.


But I need to act fast. Because two times per week a junkman comes to this area. Despite the time of the day, he shouts loudly: “Old things! I am gathering old things!” "But not this time" - I thought. "I will take this chair".

So, that's how the chair appeared in Halki. Firstly I cleaned it with water and rubbed out the old paint. Later with the help of the boys we fixed a missing part on the side. And also we cut out a circle on the top - because this chair was going to be my new flowerpot.

Next step was to choose the color to paint our new decorative element. The choice was between white and light blue. How does it looks in white color I could imagime easily, because a primer that I had to put before the first layer of paint was white. A chair with a layer of primer you can see at the picture.

Now the chair is finished and standing to his mate - another chair saved by me.