Beautiful Agave is in Blossom

Here is the story of a beautiful agave, that are so many in Halki.


Agave is a very interesting succulent plant. When agave is blossoming, it looks more like a tree, but is actually not.

To have such a high and durable flower agave needs to gather enough strength - it is blossoming on their 6-15th year of life. As soon as agave is ready to start blossoming, the flower grows very fast - 12 meters in height could grow within one month! You can see this on the photos - from the moment whe the blossoming has just started to the fully opened flower.

I like agaves very much, and because they are growing in Pondamos Beach, I decided to draw them on the shelves. I did it in 2014, but decorative shelves are still looking good. You can see them at Pondamos Beach Bar in Halki island.

You will be surprised, but the name "agave" comes from Greek myths. Agave was a daughter of Cadmus, the legendary founder of Thebes.

Many things are made from different kinds of agave, but the most unusual agaves' product is tequila. Unfortunately tequila is not produced in Greece. It is produced in Mexico from a special sort of agave - Agave Tequilana or Blue Agave.